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Commercial Kitchen Systems

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Commercial Services

Kula Heating & Air Conditioning provides an extensive list of services for commercial contractors and business owners who are interested in upgrading, or beginning construction on their new or existing heating, air conditioning or kitchen exhaust systems.

With over 30 years of commercial service experience, we will provide you with a professional assessment of your existing business' or construction project's heating, air conditioning and kitchen exhaust needs. Not only will we provide you with a free estimate, but we will also provide you with several cost-effective options meet your business needs. 

We are here to meet and exceed your expectations. Not only is the comfort of your employees and customers is crucial to your success, but it is important to us well. So, whether you are planning an upgrade, construction, or have an urgent need, contact Kula Heating & Air Conditioning at 402-895-5250. We are here to be your expert in all of your commercial heating, cooling and exhaust needs.

Geothermal Systems


Are you interested in a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial solution for your commercial heating and cooling needs? Ask us about our Geothermal Systems. We are dedicated to providing you will a comprehensive list of options that meet your commercial needs. Save money and the planet, ask us about Geothermal Systems